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When the Stars Go Out

"“Do you think there’s any forgiveness for us?” Your voice was a broken whisper now but it tore through me like artillery fire and all I wanted to say was that I’d forgive you anything, anything, and that I’d fight Germans or devils or God himself to keep you safe. That I’d love you as long as I knew how to breathe. That I’d stop loving you when the stars go out. And maybe not even then."

Two boys meet among the gold of Saskatchewan wheat in 1910.

One has nothing except a great black void inside him, and is aching for a home. The other has everything, but longs to throw it all away in order to forge a new life.

One is irrevocably in love. The other is oblivious.

As they grow up, the drums of war start calling for them both. And the only way they'll get through it is together. Even if it means that everything must change.

This 72000 word novel contains themes of coming of age and bi-awakening, as well as adult themes. Please check the trigger warning at the front of the book for potential triggers.

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