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  • Vivica Dorn

Get Ready for THE SHARK!

Wow, where has the time gone?! In my last blog post I was dreaming of autumn - now that the festivities of Christmas and New Year's have ended I am dreaming of spring!

But what is coming before spring? THE SHARK!

THE SHARK is the second book in the Kingston College series. It was originally published for a short time as a short story, but has been completely reworked into a full-length novel. I hope you enjoy the newly formatted book and are as excited as I am to visit the boys of Kingston College once again... For those who liked THE TA, catch glimpses of Sam and Michel, too!

THE SHARK will be published in less than three weeks! Are you ready?


Lance Gallagher is the star of the Kingston College swim team. Tall, strong, and exceptionally disciplined, the college junior approaches his sport the way he approaches everything in life - stoically, seriously, and with tremendous force.

Finn Adamson, a freshman, is the wild card on the team. What he lacks in technique and form he makes up for with pure, unadulterated passion for the water and natural speed.

They work together perfectly in the relay. But outside of the pool? They can't stand each other.

Lance thinks that Finn has an attitude problem. Finn thinks that Lance is way too uptight.

And yet they are inexplicably drawn to each other, falling headfirst into into something toxic, something terrible, something neither of them can escape...

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